How to Create Content that HELPS Solve Problems

Content That Helps

WARNING: The following FREE training’s BOLD claim, is that you’ll have at least one “Ah Ha!” moment… Or your money back 😉 Before we start, I’m going to start with a rather… strange… opening lesson… that I believe can really give you that first Big Ah-Ha! moment. Ya see… It’s very likely you’re here because … Read more

How to Edutain for Fun and Profit

Edutain: Walt Disney Quote

There’s an ol’ saying that gets repeated over and over… People love to buy, but hate to be sold. Well creating edutaining “How To” content that educates, informs, and attempts to get people to take a desired action (i.e. edutain) is kinda like that too… People love to be entertained, but hate to drudgingly read … Read more