How to Edutain for Fun and Profit

There’s an ol’ saying that gets repeated over and over…

People love to buy, but hate to be sold.

Well creating edutaining “How To” content that educates, informs, and attempts to get people to take a desired action (i.e. edutain) is kinda like that too…

People love to be entertained, but hate to drudgingly read through some boring how to content that attempts to educate them with absolutely nothing to to pique their interest.

Yeah I know… It’s a lot longer but I think ya get the point, right?

Listen, if you just write your content like a boring lecture, then you’re going to have people clicking away faster than you can say, “But this is good information!”

YES! Obviously you need to provide good information for readers. But you also need to provide it in a way that keeps them hanging onto your EVERY word.

In other words, “edutain” them – or entertain while you educate.

So by now you’re probably asking how, right?

Here’s How to Create Edutaining Content:

First off, it’s important to use a conversational style.

Speak as if you were teaching this topic to a friend.

Before we get into specifics on how to create edutaining content let me give you 6 important tips to keep in mind.

=> Share some secrets. Give away some info your viewers have likely never heard about before.

=> Use humor, but sparingly. Humor is subjective, so what you may find funny may not be funny to others. However, you may consider inserting popular memes (where appropriate), comics and similar light-hearted content to keep the video entertaining.

=> Keep moving forward quickly. Provide a meaty, no-fluff, no-filler video. If you hem, haw and repeat yourself, re-shoot the video so not a second of it is boring or wasted. If you’re doing a slide presentation video, keep moving through the slides quickly to hold your viewer’s attention.

=> Have fun. If you’re having fun while you shoot the video, your viewers will likely pick up on your enthusiasm and have fun too.

=> Use cliffhangers in your content. This is where you arouse people’s curiosity about what’s coming up later in the video or even later in the series. This keeps your viewers excited and watching.

Isn’t that awesome?

Now here’s a couple examples so you can see exactly how to create content that is truly edutaining for your audience.


Example: “Later on you’ll find out the #1 trick for getting rid of fine lines. But first, let’s look at what you’re doing that could be damaging your skin.

Your last video of course includes the promotion for the paid product. The entire video series should naturally lead to you recommending this specific product.


Example: “You’ve learned a whole lot about how to lose weight, including [recap the first three videos here].

However, if you’re serious about losing the weight – and especially if you have 30 or more pounds to lose – then I absolutely recommend that you check out [product name] at [product link].

Here’s why [share the benefits of this product and why the viewer should get it].

So check out right now at [link], because [give good reason they should go to that link now]…”


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